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About us
About us

GAD Specialists: 
Psychologists specialized in generalized Anxiety

GAD-Specialists is an initiative by a team of leading psychologists specialized in the treatment of anxiety. Our mission is to inform and share our experiences on the topic of anxiety and overthinking.

The GAD Workshop is our internationally recognized program with the goal of helping participants to understand what causes and maintains anxiety, and introduce effective tools that help you escape the negative thought cycles. This online virtual workshop was pioneered first in Scandinavia and by popular demand is now offered in the US, Canada, and internationally.

At the heart of the course is Metacognitive Therapy (MCT) which is a new and highly successful method of psychotherapy that was developed in Europe, as an approach to tackle disorders associated with worry, anxiety and overthinking.

The positive feedback we have received over the last years has been overwhelming and is the best motivation for us to continue our work!

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The GAD Workshop
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The popular international workshop that gives you practical tools and techniques to overcome your anxiety and worrying
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"If you are wondering about joining I would say: do it! I got at least as much (if not more) out of this course as I did when I went to sessions with a psychologist over a short period for the same problem."

Michelle, 29

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